Insurance Offerings

Medicare by Whitney Solis in Southern Arizona

If you are approaching the age of 65 or you already have Medicare, now is the time to talk about your Medicare Health Plan options in the state of Arizona.

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Life Insurance in Tucson, Arizona

In addition to offering Medicare and dental plans to my clients, I can also assist with finding the right life insurance policy for you or a family member. Like Medicare, life insurance can be overwhelming and confusing when figuring out which option is the best choice for you and your family. As a licensed life and health insurance broker in Arizona, I can help choose a policy that meets your insurance needs.


Sometimes not all dentists or oral surgeons are covered on the dental plans included in some Medicare Advantage or Suppliment plans. If you are looking to add affordable dental coverage, I can help. Delta Dental of Arizona has many affordable options to choose from and most Dentist in the Tucson area are covered under Delta Dental. Before you sign up, I recommend calling your local dentist first to make sure they take Delta Dental. Once you’re ready to sign up, click on the link below to view and enroll in the plan that works best for you. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions pertaining to these plans.

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