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To make things more affordable for people 65 and over, private health insurance companies created other Medicare health plan options so people do not break the bank paying for medical bills.  When you are eligible for Medicare you have two main options to obtain Medicare coverage. 

Your Medicare Options

Option 1

Option one is to keep Original Medicare for hospital and medical coverage and add a stand alone prescription drug plan (Part D). Then you also have the option of adding a Medicare Supplement Policy.

Option 2

Option two is a Medicare Advantage Plan that is an “all in one” alternative that includes part A, part B, and usually part D (prescription drug plan).  Medicare Advantage Plans are referred to as Part C.  Some counties in Arizona have a plan with a $0 monthly premium. 

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When we meet to discuss your expectations for a Medicare Health Plan, we can talk about the different plan options and I will help make all of the information less overwhelming so you can make the best choice for you and your family.

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